Calum’s nervous about performing slsp acoustic for the first time so you told him you’d come and watch

He can’t stop looking through the crowd for you


Harry see’s a load of boys staring at your ass but he can’t do anything about it because he’s on stage


You and Luke had an argument and you told him you needed a break

Calum: "Luke you need to get out of bed"

Luke: "I don’t want to, the sheets still smell of her"


You’re backstage at 5sos’s interview, when Calum looks at you, you start making seductive faces and mouth ‘i can’t wait to get you out of here’

*Calum chokes and starts to laugh*

Ashton: "What’s wrong with him?"


Int: “So you and y/n are on a break, why’s that?”

Harry: “I don’t really want to talk about it”

Louis: “There’s rumors that he cheated, but he didn’t”

Int: “That’s pretty rough, is she still angry?”



You: “Niall, you’ve been in there for almost 2 hours, the water must be freezing, why are you still in there?”

Niall: “I was waiting for you”

You: “Wait wh-“

Naill: “Get in”


I: “So Harry i hear you and (y/n) went on a little holiday last week”

Harry: “Yeah we did”

I: “well we’ve been given some unseen pictures from your little break and lets just say some of them are a bit cheeky”

*Picture of you and Harry comes up on screen*

Harry: “Oh no…”


Paul - “I tried everything i could Harry, [Y/N] just can’t come on tour with us

Harry - “But I love her, i need her there”

Paul- “Sorry, it’s no [Y/N] or no tour”

*Harry Nods*


You’re in the changing room whilst shopping with Harry

You: "What do you think of this dress? Is it too short?"

Harry: *drops his shopping* "You look so sexy"


Interviewer: "Is it true that you and [Y/N] are taking a break?"

Louis: "No. I love her"